1. Alameda
2. Berkeley
3. Oakland
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4. Castro Valley
5. Concord
6. Dublin
7 .Fremont
8 .Hayward
9. Martinez
10. Marin
11. Pleasanton
12. Richmond
13. San Ramon
14. San Franciso
15. San Mateo
16. Union City
17. Walnut Creek

Our Services

senior couple and kid smilingIn pursuit of excellence, we require the best performance from our staff.  We also coordinate care with other medical professionals to ensure that our clients are receiving the best care possible.  These are the services offered to clients at Golden Pacific Home Health, Inc.

Skilled Nursing

Includes assisting the patient in managing the symptoms of chronic conditions, assessing and treating wounds, instructing the patient in mediation management and new or exacerbated diagnoses, teaching self administration of gastrostomy feeds, IM SQ injections, and drawing and monitoring lab values.

Physical Therapy

Includes therapeutic exercise, balance activities and ambulation training to regain functional mobility and gross motor skills.

Occupational Therapy

Includes techniques for sensory integrations, energy conservation, joint protection, compensatory techniques to improve the level of independence in the activities of daily living, and therapeutic activities designed to restore physical function.

Speech Therapy

Includes the treatment and management of voice disorders and special techniques to facilitate the patient's communication skills.

Additional Services

Diet counseling and health aides to assist with personal care.