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Patient Advocate Services


senior couple smilingWhen it comes to our advocacy of serving our clients, we make sure to encompass different types of service for them. Because we are trained in various potential advocate services, you are assured to receive the service that truly fits your needs. We are sure that you will be satisfied with us.

To give you a better understanding of our patient advocate services, here is a list of the possible services that you can receive from us.

Home Health Assistance

As we all know, home health assistance is a new branch of health care. Despite being a new type of health care, we cannot deny the fact that it is indeed one of the most in-demand needs of our patients. The home health assistants that we at Golden Pacific Home Health, Inc. have are sure to provide you with the appropriate in-home care, home therapy and rehab, and daily living assistance.

Medical Assistance

This is the type of advocacy which requires enough knowledge about the healthcare system. Medical background is also necessary for this one. Our advocates are working towards providing medical assistance in terms of reviewing treatment options, diagnosis, test reports, medical records, patient monitoring, patient appointments and other related issues.

Insurance Assistance

Golden Pacific Home Health, Inc. helps individuals understand health insurances. We also make sure that our clients can comprehend billing and cost issues. We offer help in making a decision on which insurance plan is the best, how to handle insurance filings and paperwork, how to negotiate denial of claims, and other related issues.

Legal Assistance

We also see to it that our clients can ask for our assistance when it comes to legal issues. These issues may include medical error reviews, disability filing, worker's compensation, and malpractice. Our advocates can help if the medical problems that arise are legal in nature.